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GCRW featured in the NFRW Club Spotlight

 | Published on 1/6/2016

Golden Corridor Republican Women


The political climate of the 1980s was very instrumental to the formation of Golden Corridor Republican Women in 1990. The Carter years were devastating for our country in so many ways. We see the same thing happening to our country because of the weak leadership of Barack Obama. As a club, we do all we can to fight it.

GCRW is comprised of conservative women from three counties: Collin, Denton and Dallas. We welcome men as associate members and sponsors -- in fact, men make up about 40 percent of our regular attendees.

GCRW is founded upon the belief that the values and principles espoused by our Founding Fathers and embodied in our Constitution have resulted in the most decent, prosperous and free nation in the history of mankind. Our members are dedicated to preserving this legacy.

We strive to present excellent programs that inform and educate our members.

We promote conservative candidates. By understanding the political process, knowing candidates and following legislation, we confidently work to elect the best Republican officials.

We understand issues and inform voters.

We help our members stay informed on pertinent legislation.

We participate in community projects.

We lobby elected officials.

We help our members develop greater involvement in the grassroots political process.

-- Hope Fobes, V.P. Awards