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2020 GCRW Members Elected to State Convention

Sharron Albertson  | Published on 7/19/2020

The following GCRW active and associate members and family were elected to serve as delegates and alternates at the Republican Party of Texas State Convention at the Houston Convention Center, July 13-18. The committee meetings were held in Houston and the rest of the convention was held online due to restrictions caused by COVID-19. If you know of other GCRW members who should be added to this list, please let us know.

SD = Senate District; CD = Congressional District

SD 8, CD 3 Collin County

Colleen Aguilar & Steven Epstein

Sharron Albertson

Derek Baker

BJ Correu

Lily Bao

Mary Bonkiewicz

Sharon & Cecil Bradshaw

Chuck Branch

Nancy Brobston

Desiree Brown

Jeanette & Robert Canright

Paul Chabot

Zodie & David Christakos

Joe Cordina

Sherry & Thomas Dabney

John Derudder

Ron Dubner

Susan & Brian Fletcher

George Flint

Mary Fortune

Brook & Caleb Fulks

Maria Garcia

Gene Gervasi

Catherine & James Gibb

Chad Green

Pat Greer

Darrell Hale

Barbara Hibberd

Chris Hill

Anna Janis

Tori & Ryan Jaquess

Kelly Ann & Randy Johnson

Rohit Joy

Neal Katz

Cathy & Sammy Knapp

Rita Kopecki

Deanna Kuykendall

Robin Lington

Pam & Larry Little

Terry Lynch

Jerry Madden

Jim Maguire

Carroll Maxwell

Tim McCord

Piper & Mark McCraw

Emily Miskel

Fred Moses

Patty & John Myers

Fred Nasseri

Brian Newman

Candy Noble

Yvonne & Keith Patton

Joanie & Jim Pikl

Angela Powell

Ted Puchacz

Mark Reid

Daryl Reynolds

Anthony Ricciardelli

Lailani & Mike Rumfield

Shelley & Scott Sanford

Marilyn Sevin

Shirley Snell & Steven Bolen

Constance Stanton

Diane Tingle

Karin & Wayne Tucker

Terry Wade

Peggy Wade

Heather Wang

Kathy Ward & Michael Wiseman

Cathy White

Margie Whitt

Shelby Williams

Lindsey Wynne


SD 8, CD 32 Dallas County

Susan Fischer


SD 12, CD 26 Denton County

Dianne Edmondson

Terri Miller


SD 16, CD 5 Dallas County

Linda & Bill Russell

SD 16, CD 32 Dallas County

Diane & Jerome Benjamin

Cindi Castilla

Karen, Joanna, Meleah & Randy Dunning

Debbie Georgatos

Kit Whitehill


SD 30, CD 3 Collin County

Deb Pheris Blencowe

Claude Ann & Jim Collins

Kathy Morgan


SD 30, CD 4 Collin County

Sharen & Gary Edwards

Diann & John Jones

Ellen & Jim Skinner


SD 30, CD 4 Grayson Co

Carol & Clyde Siebman

Kaaren Teuber