Standing Rules
Golden Corridor Republican Women (“Club”)
Adopted October 19, 2023



These Standing Rules supplement, and not preempt, the Bylaws. They may be amended by the Executive Committee as needed, with previous notice, by a majority vote of those present and voting, or by two-thirds vote without previous notice.

Membership Dues

Membership dues shall be $35 for primary members, $25 for male and female associates, and $10 for youth.

Full membership dues collected during the fourth quarter shall be held by the Treasurer and will qualify the member for membership for the remainder of the year as well as for the following year.

General Meetings

General meetings will be held monthly in February, March, April, August, September, October, and November of each year on the first Thursday of the month and other meetings may be held as further determined by the Executive Committee.

Only one person may introduce a candidate during the elected/public official and candidate introductions at a general meeting.

Awards given out at the annual Christmas party shall include: White Hat and Gold Hat. The Executive Committee shall select the recipients for each award. The President may also give out awards as she determines.

Executive Committee Meetings

Regular meetings of the Executive Committee shall be on the third Thursday of the month, except in January, June, July, and December, unless otherwise determined by the President with reasonable notice to Executive Committee notwithstanding an emergency.

Between Executive Committee meetings, when decisions require a vote of the Committee, the Committee may vote by email. Executive Committee votes should be sent via email to the President with a copy emailed to the Recording Secretary. A motion may pass by a majority of those who vote by email.

Executive Committee Responsibilities

The Executive Committee  members  shall be expected to attend all applicable Executive Committee meetings and general meetings.

Outgoing Executive Committee members will mentor and assist newly elected Executive Committee members regarding their official duties from the GCRW November Board elections through the January retreat.


The newsletter represents all the members of GCRW and is not a personal voice of any one member. The following guidelines are to be used when writing an article for the newsletter:

Our goal is to inform, educate, and motivate our members to positive action, believing that change is possible and avoiding fatalistic attitudes.

Articles will be written with respect for the individuals mentioned in the piece. It is not our objective to make enemies or damage relationships.

The President holds the ultimate responsibility for the actions of GCRW. She has the authority to discuss an article with the writer and recommend changes to be sure it is within these objectives.

Delegate Selection to TFRW and NFRW Events and / or Conventions

The Executive Committee shall be given preference in the selection of delegates before non-Executive Committee primary members.


Any contract of $500.00 or more for services to be rendered will be reviewed by the President and Treasured prior to being voted on by the Executive Committee. No member shall spend Club funds without prior approval by both the President and Treasurer. Said approval shall be in writing. Failure to receive said approval may result in personal liability for the expense incurred.

Charities to which the Club makes donations, or that are permitted to solicit donations at a Club event or meeting, shall be limited to those with no to low administrative costs.

Expense reimbursement requests shall be submitted to the Treasurer with copies of receipts and the GCRW reimbursement request form within sixty days of incurring the expense. Failure to submit within said time frame may constitute a waiver of requested reimbursement.

If a member in charge of a budgeted expense or event anticipates that the event will exceed the budgeted amount, the member must submit a request for a budgetary increase to the Executive Committee and obtain approval from the Executive Committee for the increase.

A primary member who attends the annual Collin County GOP Lincoln Day dinner as a member of the Club’s pre-purchased table(s) may request a 50% reimbursement of her cost after she has attended and sat at the designated Club table.

Presenting excellent
programs to inform
and educate our members.

Why should you join Golden Corridor Republican Women?

To address the important issues of the day regarding women, families, and education.

To keep members informed on critical issues and strengthen the conservative voice within the Republican Party.

To help support and elect Republican candidates.

To come together as grassroots activists to have an impact on our government on every level.



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